Who Am I? The Person Behind the Passion

Who Am I? The Person Behind the Passion

JaLeigha Williams - I Am Lovleigh Founder

My name is JaLeigha (Ja-Lee-ah) Williams and I am the founder of I Am Lov'leigh, LLC. I named the company after myself not to be vain, but because I realized after years of doubting myself that I needed to speak love and speak life over myself. Because of that, I wanted to remind myself that not only was I fearfully and wonderfully made, but that I was actually someone worth talking to, listening to, and cherishing. I had to let myself know that I truly am lovely from the inside out. And once I realized that about myself, I also realized that other women needed to hear that too. They needed to know that they mattered, that they were valuable, and that there is truly a place in this world for them to be honored and cherished for the queens they truly are. So if I'd have to describe it, I Am Lov'leigh is really just my testimony. It's the huge part of me that I am only now starting to discover and along the way, I hope that others will learn to love and embrace themselves the way that God is teaching me to do.

I wholeheartedly believe that "it's what's inside that counts" in every aspect of the phrase. So much so that I made it the slogan my company. It is true that the ingredients I choose for all my natural and organic hair and skincare products are incredibly important. What’s inside the products is just as important as how pretty I design the bottles, the shipping boxes, etc. But on a deeper level, I believe that the person who I am from within is even more important than that. Who I am carries over into how I interact with my customers, how passionate I am about my products, how far I'm willing to go to research and educate my customers on all things natural, and so much more.

Throughout this journey, I will be revealing a lot about who I am because I believe that it's important. Most aspects of my personality will be discovered over time rather than carefully articulated in actual sentences. However, the one thing that you should know if you decide to be a part of my journey is that I am a very unconventional natural hair and skincare blogger. Sure, I enjoy discussing hair, skin, outfits, and more just as much as the next woman, but I believe that a large thing that is lacking in the community of African American women is someone who is willing to talk about the hardships we face as natural haired women, as women who wear weave, painted faces, and the works to feel beautiful, and even women who believe they have to hide or relax their natural hair just to get a job and be seen as a professional in the workplace.

With this section of my blog, I want to reveal the strengths, the weaknesses, the confidence, and the doubt that comes along with being a Black woman in a way that many people may be too uncomfortable to speak about. Therefore, every blog post within the My Lov'leigh Journey blog will be the good, the bad, and the ugly. I don't believe in sugar coating life because if no one ever speaks of things, then nothing can ever be changed. Therefore, with this blog, it is my goal to do just that; change things. But in order to change a situation, you must first change yourself (click to tweet). So I have one rule for being a part of My Lov'leigh Journey. Everyone reading this must start by speaking one thing over themselves... Speak it proudly and often until you know it in your heart to be true, “I am valuable, I am more than enough, and above all, I Am Lovleigh!”

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