Aches & Pains

As you may know, I Am Lov'leigh just released its new website and at first, I was going to fill my website with information that I thought you might want to know. But instead, I figured I'd just ask you what you actually want to know. So during the months of January through June 2016, I will be collecting any and every question from people like you concerning aches and pains; where does pain come from in the brain? Why do migraine headaches occur? There's so much about aches and pains that people probably never talk about. But this blog will be dedicated 100% to that topic. If there's ever been something you wanted to know about aches and pains, but didn't know who to ask, feel free to ask me.

This section of my blog really hits home because I have a medical condition that has kept me in pain every single day for over 8 years now and I have made it my life's mission to discover the secret to nutrition and how to overcome my illness. I am even studying as we speak to become a licensed personal nutritionist for that exact reason. I cannot cure or diagnose any diseases for you, but if my research can help you to discover the diagnosis or cure for yourself, then I truly desire to help you overcome your aches and pains through a better diet and better nutrition. If aches and pains is a topic that you're interested in, then definitely check out my nutrition section of the Health & Wellness blog once I start writing the articles. I believe aches and pains go hand in hand with nutrition so there will be a lot of overlap between those two sections of the I Am Lov'leigh blog.

Once I have collected enough questions from enough people about aches and pains, I will start conducting all the necessary research and answer one new question a week. Go ahead and ask me anything!