Do It Yourself

As you may know, I Am Lov'leigh just released its new website and at first, I was going to fill my website with information that I thought you might want to know. But instead, I figured I'd just ask you what you actually want to know. So during the months of January through June 2016, I will be collecting any and every question from people like you concerning what natural and organic hair and skincare items you’d like to learn how to make on your own.

My recipes and methods are very time-consuming and complex so I will be posting simplified versions of your favorite items such as flaxseed gel, whipped Shea Butter, and more. This section of my blog will be dedicated 100% to making products so if there’s anything you’d like to learn how to make, go ahead and start making suggestions. After the submission period is over, I will pick the best ones and start writing featured blog posts with detailed instructions, pictures, and recipes.