Hair & Skin Ailments

As you may know, I Am Lov'leigh just released its new website and at first, I was going to fill my website with information that I thought you might want to know. But instead, I figured I'd just ask you what you actually want to know. So during the months of January through June 2016, I will be collecting any and every question from people like you concerning what hair and skin conditions (such as acne, alopecia, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, etc.) that you may have.

This section of my blog really hits home because I suffered from eczema from the time I was born until a few years ago when I started this company. Additionally, my sister has suffered from acne from the time she was in the 4th grade until recently as well. So I truly desire to help people overcome their hair and skin ailments from the inside out.

Once I've collected enough questions from enough people about hair and skin ailments, I will start conducting all the necessary research and answer one new question a week. Go ahead and ask me anything!